What is the Israeli government's real goal?
12 December 2001

In politics we have to distinguish between talks and deed. Sometimes they are alike, but mostly they quite differ from each other. While purpose of talks is to present a facade of the real goals, to make the presenting body and its policy more acceptable by external forces, in the bottom line what really count are the deeds. The Israeli Government, headed by Prime Minister Sharon, declares its wish to come to an agreement with the Palestinian Authorities. Its only demand is - Palestinian struggle against terror and a few days without violence, as precondition for beginning
political negotiations.

These demands indeed make sense, but unfortunately its policy in practice proves a very different attitude:

1 - A growing effort to delegitimate Yasser Arafat, the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, the main force that can unite the different fractions in the Palestinian public.

2 - Following terror actions of Palestinian fanatics inside Israel, the retaliation is usually against legal forces of the Palestinian Authority, those that are demanded to prevent the terror, but almost never against headquarters of the organizations the terrorists belong to.

3 - Always, when the level of terror is going down, extermination of one of the commanders - sometimes even just oppositioner - or not oppositioner - politicians inflames it again. Such exterminations are executed, although
they are always followed by Palestinian retaliation, usually in form of more terror.

4 - The continuous blockade on the Palestinian towns and villages never succeeded to prevent terrorism - but growing despair among the Palestinian people creates more and more potential terrorists.

5 - Systematic destruction of the Palestinian Authorities' economic and administration's infrastructure creates anarchy, misery and more despair among the people.

All this is not a secret and Israeli decision makers are well aware of the outcome of their policy.

So - what is the real goal of Ariel Sharon and his Government?

Whoever knows the involved figures, especially Prime Minister Sharon, their world view, their ideology and their character can easily recognize it: The undeclared goal is - to dissolve the central authority of the Palestinian
people, to create chaos, to create a clear situation of "black and white", in which the leading Palestinian forces will be identified with extreme Islamic or nationalist ideology, with total refusal to negotiate with Israel.

The present complex situation, in which the mainstream of the Palestinian people are ready to recognize the State of Israel (in certain terms) on 78% of their historical homeland - but struggles to establish a sovereign and free country on the rest of it, is very uncomfortable to majority of the Israel government - and above all to Ariel Sharon. Moreover, it comes to contradiction to their deepest belief in historic right of the Jewish People all over the land between the Jordan river and the Sea. They also believe in the superiority of Israel over the Palestinians, the Jewish
people over the Arab people and - maybe the worst - the believe in their ability to break the opposition of the Palestinian people to Israeli occupation and oppression, by breaking their spirit.

They really and deeply believe, that if they will succeed to crumble the Palestinian people, in the end these will stop to fight and Israel will be able to rule over all its historic territory: this is only a question, who will have the longer breath.

Whoever of the International community will build on the goodwill or the common sense of Ariel Sharon and his government, doesn't understand his real goals. Like every powerful and egocentric person, he understands only
the language of power. His policy can be changed only by International pressure. The way at the present has to be - sending a large group of International observers to the West Bank and Gaza strip.

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