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Most songs are encoded in WMA format - some in MP3.
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Since January 2003

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This list of requested songs was collected by people from "Friendship Village" - an Israeli NGO working for peace, human rights, women rights and conflict resolution in the Middle East.

If you like the songs and download some of them, please help our hard work toward these goals, by your donation.

You can promote the peace in the Middle-East !


First way:
Send your donation to the New Israel Fund (1101 14th str. NW. 6th floor, Washington DC 20005-5639
phone: 0202-842-0900)
as "Donor Advised Grant" for Friendship Village.

Second way:
1 - Just take a banknote of 10 $ ( or 10 Euro ), wrap it in a piece of paper with your name and address
( including e-mail)

2 - Put it in an envelop,

3 - Send it to "Friendship Village", P.O.Box 36686, Tel-Aviv, Israel 61366 .

Receipt will be sent to you upon request.

To find out what are we doing, please
Look at  Friendship Village