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Friendship Village Projects for 2013-14

Woman Educators for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy
This program offers Israeli Jewish and Arab women teachers and education students an opportunity to engage in cross-cultural discourse focusing on the salient themes effecting young Israeli women today.

Through semester-long academic courses, the young female participants of the project will begin to pave the way for peaceful inter-cultural coexistence and cooperation between the two estranged sides.

Participants: 90 Israeli Jewish and Arab college students and 30 teachers.
In cooperation with Emeq Yizre'el Academic College, Oranim Academic College and Gordon College for Education in Haifa.

Young Leaders Peace Dialogue
This project engages young Palestinian and Israeli political and community leaders to learn about each other on the personal, cultural, social and political levels. The project’s goal is to develop an open dialogue for building trust between these young leaders who are expected to be the future decision makers of the two societies.

Participants: Twelve Palestinian and twelve Israeli male and female participants (ages 20-35). All of the twenty-four participants are active in their communities and/or in the political organizations and parties they belong to. Many already assume mid-level decision-making positions.
In cooperation with the Palestinian Institute for Peace & Democracy.

Friendship Village is devoted to continuing its programs annually and expanding them according to secured financial resources.